Tabletop Exercise Performed During ‘Emergency Management In The Industry Course’ Tabletop exercise was carried out within the scope of the course by the students of Occupational Health and Safety Department of Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences. Lessons learned obtains that the drills are the most effective and cheapest way to be prepared for emergencies. Creating an effective exercise program should be one of the main goal of each institution. Observers from various institutions such as fire-brigades, municipalities, non-governmental organizations and private sector participated in the tabletop exercise facilitated by Prof. Oya Çakın and Mehmet Hakkı Bilgitekin. Assoc. Prof. Hakan Pekey, the Head of Occupational Health and Safety Department and Ulaş Çakır were voluntarily assigned as referees. Mesut Yarımbıyıklı, Alparslan H. Kuzucuoğlu, Bilal Emiroğlu evaluated the table top exercise as independent referees. The students who prepared a virtual company plans, procedures and risk maps, played his/her role in the emergency management plans within the context of scenario. They managed the situations and took decisions according to real-time messages transmitted. They stated that the tabletop exercise was a great and benefited experience for themselves. Observers and referees evaluated the exercise during the de-briefing. Tabletop exercise ended with distribution of appreciation certificates

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