Evaluación de Riesgos Laborales
Instituciones de Información

El libro es un estudio científico sobre métodos de análisis de riesgo simples y efectivos que se pueden aplicar a las bibliotecas., archivos y edificios de museos y a todas las empresas en general. Para prevenir accidentes de trabajo, es importante controlar los peligros en la fuente antes de que ocurran los accidentes de trabajo, diseño ergonómico de los sistemas de trabajo para minimizar los riesgos, to ensure and spread the use of personal protective equipment and most importantly to the ownership of the issue by the organization management and employees.In this study, risk analyzes of general risk factors in educational institutions and information institutions were examined. There are many risk analysis methods in the scientific world. However, rapid analysis methods enable decision makers to make rapid decisions.

Museums, libraries and archives, which are centers of knowledge and culture, are social memory institutions that are carried from the past to the future. Beylerbeyi Palace, which is the subject of the work in your hand and which is a museum palace, also contains priceless treasures in terms of both its structural features and its collections. Like all cultural heritage works, this unique museum-palace must be handed over to future generations in good health and safety. Cultural heritage works come face to face with many risks of physical, chemical, biological, human and natural origin from the very beginning of their creation. It is necessary to determine the potential sources of danger that create these risks in advance with proactive methods, and to take precautions against the risks that may develop if no measures are taken against these dangers, with scientific methods. Sustainability of the functions of information and cultural centers, ability to recover quickly even when faced with a risk, and overcoming this risk by building capacity are the issues that should be addressed primarily by decision makers. Dr. Kuzucuoğlu also dealt with all aspects of the risks that may occur at the scale of a museum-palace, not with a single aspect, but within the concept ofIntegrated Museum Managementand tried to put forward the problems and preventive solutions. How about rethinking all possible risks to our cultural heritage?
1st edition-2016
It is a unique social memory with its historical and cultural monuments, collections and collections. There is a need for studies on the protection, storage and exhibition of collections in museum buildings, which are information centers, and the protection conditions in these areas, and the research of environmental, chemical and biological factors for museum buildings and objects. The methods of protection from the negative effects of the factors affecting the museum environments have been determined within the framework of national and international criteria. Potential dangers and protection strategies against the risks that may arise from these dangers have been determined in Beylerbeyi Palace, which is a museum palace. For this purpose, in the light of the data obtained through the monitoring of the interior environments of the museum palace, all aspects of reducing the risks within the scope ofIntegrated Museum Managementare discussed in 2nd edition by Hiperyayın.
It is hoped that this study will be a useful resource for all researchers working in the field of cultural heritage conservation.
The content of the book and the author’s future publications await your valuable readerscontributions.
2nd edition-2020
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